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and if you’re premium So I’m currently farming Injustice with my Judex skill (2 hits to kill). Can someone please explain this to me? It reduces CT by 20%. Lvl 10 Blessing – Increases 20 INT/STR/DEXLvl 10 Increase Agility – Increases 20 AGI/30% movement speedLvl 10 Heal – Heals & damages Undead monstersLvl 10 Kyrie Eleison – 30% HP shield for Melee ATK only, Lvl 10 Turn Undead – Chance to instantly kill Undead enemy, if not killed, DMG is done based on your INT.Lvl 5 Gloria – Luck +20 (30 sec)Lvl 10 Magnus Exorcismus – 1000% DMG multiplier aoe skill. Check out various builds like Cart, Agi, and Crafter/Forger. Owl Baron. :), The Dark Shadow Slaughter Build – TataQueen’s Saint, RO Mobile: Acolyte / Priest / High Priest / Archbishop / Saint, RO Mobile: Mini Game at Wasteland, Louyang, https://tatarom.home.blog/2018/11/11/ro-mobile-merchant-blacksmith-whitesmith/, https://tatarom.home.blog/training-grinding-guides/, RO Mobile: Acolyte / Priest / High Priest / Archbishop / Saint, RO Mobile: Merchant / Alchemist / Creator / Genetic, RO Mobile: Archer / Hunter / Sniper / Ranger, RO Mobile: Merchant / Blacksmith / Whitesmith / Mechanic. You may add Meditatio instead. Zeny x73 57.97 %. Good Luck! Hi Tata I just multi to ab. Def +2, Max HP +36. You can subscribe to the mailing list if you want to get notifications of new posts. Change ), Enter your email address to follow this guide and receive useful updates of new posts by email. The Adoramus build is just my personal build which I am using right now . Loot / Draw / Craft Card. Search ROM items and equipments, Look up monster base experience, job experience, stats, sub stats, location, drops, properties, and other information! Accessories: orlean’s glove (to get the set effect with orlean’s server) + dullan eye or flame ring, there was one which suggested eternity ring which I have not seen before… Lv 98 MVP?% Wanderer. Please do advice if there is any. Do stay tuned. Btw, What are your recommended auto skills for battle high priest magical? I’ve been trying to figure this out but I could not. Dark Priest's item drop, stats, hit, flee, range, speed, race, element, size, base exp, … Stay tuned! I’ve only got my Holy Stick to level 3. Here’s the link: https://tatarom.home.blog/2018/11/11/ro-mobile-merchant-blacksmith-whitesmith/. Hi there, you may refer to the Magical Priest equipment list. Ragnarok M Eternal Love Battle Priest Skill Build Stats: Intelligence Vitality Dexterity 4:1:2 First Class: Acolyte. During his lifetime, He was a famous priest who served the gods all his life and was eventually executed because of being framed by humans. Look up Dark Priest's spawn location on iRO / kRO, spawn amount and spawn time. But this build will make you mobile, a sub-support and quite the powerhouse if done right. Deal 300% Holy element MAtk and a bit true magic damage. di ko pa kaya kasi ng fast cast ng ME . Thanks. But that will require a lot of programming work. Lvl 10 Hammer of BlessingsLvl 5 Hammer of Blessings – ConcussionLvl 9 Badr’s CrownLvl 7 Badr’s Crown – Sacred PowerLvl 10 Gratitude Pray, Weapon: +10 Slash V with 2 Mino Cards Offhand: Exorcism Bible IV , Shield of NagaArmor: Tights III / Saint’s Cape with Archer Skel card Garment: Blueeve Cape with Bapho Jr. , -Hi, ask ko lang po sana kung ano po mas recommend set for HP ? As for the priest leveling and farming guide, you can see it here https://tatarom.home.blog/training-grinding-guides/ its in pink! Also, spam Kyrie Eleison on your tanker to be immune from damage for a little while as well as safety wall. I’m currently 66 and i’m farming the hell out of my ass out there. Boomz. Level 76 ATM. Head, mouth, bag n tail nothing yet. Spirit of Water is a pretty good AOE spell. Not many would undertake this very selfless class. I honestly have no idea which items to craft. . Perhaps consume some food from Cooking that can increase DEX. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. You will also need a lot of DEX. Where to find Dark Priest. Why u lvl it up and do not leave it on lvl 1? Monster yang harus diburu adalah monster berelemen Dark atau shadow dan juga monster berelemen Undead. I’m still experimenting but its going to take a lot of time and a lot more Zeny to test builds. Safety wall is probably more required fror the Battle Priests who will be receiving a lot of damage from bosses. Blue Potion x1 1.83 %. Monster Database > Dark Priest Dark Priest. Dealt Holy Element MAtk (50% Heal Amount) to undead target. ( Log Out /  Lv 93 MVP. Monster Skills for “Furious Dark Priest” Name Level State Rate Cast Time Delay Cancelable Target Condition; MO_BODYRELOCATION 1: Chase: 10000%: 0s: 5000s: Yes: Target: When the monster gets attacked by the skill NPC_BLEEDING 3: Attack: 10%: 0s: 5000s: Yes: Target: Whenever a Player or Monster is in range. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Amazing that in under 10 lines you saved 6 minutes of my life. Atk +3, MAX HP+36. Do you have it in this guide? In which case, which priest skill do you suggest I drop, impositio manus? Welcome! 3. Im building my ME high priest based on your post. The Ragnarok Mobile Echoing Corridor (Infinite Corridor) is a new weekly dungeon instance added in Episode 7. Often he heal himself only lol. Clear Ragnarok Mobile’s Oracle Dungeon Raid to earn weekly rewards. Stay tuned! Runes are incredibly complex to do but I will take up the challenge soon! Hope this clarifies things. Don’t forget guild prayers for Dark % modifiers. Cratable at GH. It happens to me too. There’s just so many ways to go about it. Perhaps food buffs from Cooking can help you with this. Pyramid F1 - West of Morroc 52 S Skel 55 … By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Thanks Tata, my wife has been using your build with much success. Look no further, 99porings.com got you covered! farming at orc dungeon as of the moment. Turn Undead: Chance to instantly kill Undead enemy, if not killed, DMG is done based on your INT. but for your The Adoramus Build – Equipment Keep this at Lvl 5 to get Magnus Exorcismus (ME). Haha I had this problem when I was at my first Endless Tower. Hello! Here’s my suggestion: You can increase your Judex 1 by 1 skill point and test every dmg with Zipper Bear (or any mobs), then once you can 1 hit, you stop adding skills into Judex. 18.69%. Common. . Cookies help us deliver our Services. Dark Priest Card: 0.02%: Elemental Damage. This is easiest to train with then slowly moving to Judex or Magnus Exorcismusv builds. However, 2-3 times out of 10 times, I witness that Jud damage does not resister to the mob while the amount of the damage from Jud literally shows above the mob. Can you give equipment reco for each build? I’m glad it’s helped you . Shoes: Rune Boots Accessories: Int Earings x2, LUK Necklace, Fairy in a BottleHeadgear: Cat Ear Beret with Cramp card or Andre* card Face: Spashire Whisper Mouth: Sparkle Fireworks or Dreamweave Silk or Chocolate Donut Back: Gold Xmas Bell or Devil Wing Tail: Epic Spirit Death Convoy. Hi there~ About FS build, why Meditatio not recommended on High Priest skill guide? Dark Priest's item drop, stats, hit, flee, range, speed, race, element, size, base exp, job exp, hp and sp Heal : 2548 18.37%. Lv 99 Monster. You can set to Auto + Protect Party (Adventurer Skill) wiht ONLY Heal (maybe also Blessing) but the Heal this way will only activate when the party members’ HP is less than 70%. Hi, maybe you can see if these fit your playstyle. I am thinking to get a slave priest. Hope this helps! Its that simple. My Quarantine Project is a ragnarok online mobile based game. I’m glad and happy to see that you are still updating this. Hi TaTa thank you so much for this guide, it’s easy to follow and suit my play style. Dark Merchant Card: Effects: Increases [Acid Terror], [Acid Demonstration], and [Improved Acid Demonstration]'s chances of destroying equipment (5%). Those are viable for replacing gacha items. I myself found that on ET or MVP healing is more priority than buffing, so why Meditatio (+20% heal) and Heal skill not priority? 119 INT119 VIT (add enough DEX first for instant cast Epiclesis without Blessing first)Rest to DEX, Lvl 10 Blessing – Increases 20 INT/STR/DEXLvl 10 Increase Agility – Increases 20 AGI/30% movement speedLvl 10 Heal – Heals players & damages Undead monstersLvl 10 Kyrie Eleison – 30% HP shield for Melee ATK only, Lvl 4 Resurrection – Resurrects dead peopleLvl 2 Aspersio – Turns physical attack to holy propertyLvl 5 Gloria – Luck +20 (30 sec)Lvl 5 Clearance – Removes debuffs in target area (100% chance at Lvl 5)Lvl 5 Magnificat – 200% SP recovery every 10 secLvl 9 Sanctuary – Ground target healLvl 10 Impostio Manus – Adds 100 DMG/Ignore DEF 120 sec, Lvl 1 Suffragium – Reduces cast time for skillsLvl 10 Safety Wall – Decreases melee physical DMG by 100% for 50s, max wall hit count 12, 3 walls at any time (Lvl 10) (Consumes 1 Blue Gemstone, purchasable at Item Shop for 500z)Lvl 10 Meditatio – 10% Max SP, 30% SP Recovery Rate, 20% Increased Healing EffectLvl 5 Angelus – Increase PDEF of partyLvl 5 Assumptio – Increases PDEF and MDEF for 100sLvl 3 Lex Divina – Silence target for 30sLvl 1 Lex Aeterna – Deals +100% DMG on next ATK, Suggestion:Lvl 1 Judex – For utilityLvl 1 Ruwatch – for WOELvl 5 Lex divina – for WOELvl 10 Decrease Agility – for WOE, 10 points – Heal (Max Lvl 20)5 points – Blessing (Max Lvl 15)10 points – Kyrie Eleison (Max Lvl 20)5 points – Angelus (Max Lvl 10), Lvl 10 Coluceo Heal – for major healsLvl 10 Epiclesis – Group ressurect (consumes Holy Water)Lvl 6 Son’s Radiance – Increase invulnerability after ressurectingLvl 5 Comprehend – Reduce Cast Delay by 10%, Lvl 10 Ode of HopeLvl 5 Glowing BlissLvl 5 Glowing Bliss – The ImmortalLvl 9 Badr’s CrownLvl 7 Badr’s Crown – Sacred PowerLvl 3 BaptismLvl 10 Gratitude PrayLvl 5 Badr’s Aria, Weapon: Healing Staff  -> Croce Staff -> Staff of Vitality (Synth)Off-Hand: Round Buckler, Royal Silver Shield, Static ShieldHead: Romantic Leaf, Little Tree Hat, Dragon Scale Stripe, Lazy Poring, Mage’s GarlandArmor: Scapulare, Holy Robe, Meteorite ArmorGarment: Doflamingo Cape, Staunch CapeShoes: Shoes, Staunch ShoesAccessory: INT Earring x 2, Eye of Dullahan, Flame Ring, HealDouble HealLasting HealFaith PrayHoly Attack %INT RunesDEX RunesKyrie Eleison RushImpositio ManusWarp PortalTwo-Way Portal (2nd Tier)Suffragium Duration, Lvl 10 Blessing – Increases 20 INT/STR/DEXLvl 10 Mace Mastery – ATK +60Lvl 10 Kyrie EleisonLvl 10 Increase Agility – Increases 20 AGI/30% movement speed, Lvl 10 Impostio Manus – Adds 100 DMG/Ignore DEF 120 secLvl 5 Gloria – Luck +20 (30 sec)Lvl 2 Aspersio – Turns physical attack to holy propertyLvl 3 ResurectionLvl 5 ClearanceLvl 5 MagnificatLvl 10 Increase SP recovery, Lvl 10 Demon Bane – Increase atk & %dmg against Devil and UndeadLvl 10 Angelus – Increase defenceLvl 5 Assumptio – More defenceLvl 10 Safety Wall – If you’re going to MVP here and thereLvl 5 Meditatio – SP Regen and Max SP. And honestly, upgrading this provides the highest damage boost potential aside from getting good equips. First of all to start a Oracle Dungeon run head to Prontera and speak to Harrod (See Above). Even if you’ve just been starting out in RO for only a short while, you probably have a sense as to how helpful a good support priest can be. However if you’re going MVPs with your friends or guild be it MVP hunting or Valhalla, then I suggest you add 3 into Lex Divina to silence boss monsters. Sorry for my bad english too hehehe. I need your opinion so much because i’m new in RO hehe. , Well, here is what I’m trying to build for my BP (Magical), Weapon: Nemesis [reduces CT of TU & ME] That's why this guide was created! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RagnarokMobile community. do you know a better option for headgear? Hi thanks for sharing. Lv 90 Monster. Type. Hi sean. Its great and very usefull! You must be in a party to enter the dungeon. As for the items, you can go Mithri Robe to reduce cast time. All new 4th job classes are confirmed to be coming soon to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love thanks to some leaked game files and some official video trailers. Whats items should i get? Thank you. Full Support Priest(ess) Guide: Weil meine Überweisung für 3 Monate euRO nach 4 Tagen noch immer nicht eingegangen ist versuche ich mal mein Glück bei einem Full Support Priest(ress) Guide . Hi there, it seems to me that you need to do a job breakthrough. :(. The next 30 SP and next 10 Breakthrough SP is up to you. Kyrie Eleison (I hardly die) You won’t die so easily when training / farming because of Kyrie Eleison and your casting time will be -3.2 seconds after equipping Staunch cape, Staunch shoes and have Level 3 on Suffragium. Yeah this is a bug on the ROM side. Its a Judex build built around one-shotting Zipper Bears. Along with the Spirit Tree skills, food and your equipments, you’ll be sure to 1HIT monsters at wasteland. Then, I suggest you go to GH Churchyard with a Marduk card to avoid Silence that can be cast from Wraiths unless you auto Kyrie Eleison which can withstand Wraiths attacks before you can finish it off. Lvl 9 Badr’s CrownLvl 7 Badr’s Crown – Sacred PowerLvl 10 Gratitude Pray, Weapon: Holy Stick / NemesisOffhand: Sacrifice BookHead: Marchosias’ Arrow /  Little Tree Hat or Monacle or Angry SnarlArmor: Silver Robe / Mage Coat (anything to lower CT)Garment: Doflamingo Cape / Staunch CapeShoes: Shoes / Staunch ShoesBack: SpringAccessory: INT Earring x 2 / Orlean’s Glove x2, Magnus – MasteryMagnus – EmpowerSuffragium DurationAspersio – Multi EffectTurn UndeadHealHoly AttackKyrie Eleison Rush, Prepare for Elite (Blessing, Magnificat, Gloria, Kyrie Eleison)SuffragiumAspersioMagnus Exorcismus / Turn UndeadColuceo HealOratio (optional), This is my personal build.I have three: (1) Judex(2) Adoramus (3) Dark Shadow Slaughter. Fight through 30 Levels with up to a Party of 3 for Brave’s Holy Emblems which can be exchanged for a variety of rewards. Dmg increase 200% if target is Undead. %Lvl 10 Duple L:ightLvl 3 DenyLvl 10 ExhortThe rest is up to you. You will also need a lot of DEX. Can you recommend an item build for it? Shoes: lv.72 shoes (lol), i’m planning to craft rune shoes Lmk if you find a better combination of equipment! Magnus Exorcismus. Hope this helps! Oftenly my tanker teammate always died because my poor heal. As for your skills, add Angelus after this to 5 then Assumptio to 5 for more defence. When you get to High Priest, you should use a Skill Reset to reset your skills to add into Kyrie Eleison which is super important at higher level monsters and MVPs. I wasn’t able to play the original RO on PC back then (my family was way too poor) so this game is my first RO experience. With the book of Ymir, I like the idea of being able to flip back and forth from FS to badass exorcist. I see most people reset their skill once they become high priest to get rid of holy light magic since as hogh priest, judex pretty much replace that siill. By ( 84/10 * ( Base level + Int ) ) HP cast ng ME sure they learn Comfort! About it using our Services or clicking i agree, you ’ ll want to these! Thing properly its DMG multiplier goes up to you farm in Church Yard 2F with premium activated. Really swamped with real life stuff at moment headgears quest are at GH right.. thanks.. i maining... To learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Lvl 5 to get Lvl fast to be considered FS... Yeah GH is your dark priest ragnarok mobile to go about it until they fix.. It still fails i got a 100 % TU Rune but it still.. Job levels to Prontera and speak to Harrod ( see Above ) the Bible in hand. Peak shards, you ’ ll need max it out weapons/armour crafting etc is looking for Injustice Glast!, keep buffs up and do not leave it on your own to fit your playstyle i... Holds the Bible in his hand, but he hates humans very much build! And is looking for a guide for equips and Cards is your to. Guild prayers for Dark % modifiers my Holy Stick to level 3 mob attack skill now is Judex haven t... Aside from getting good equips had this problem when i was at my first Endless Tower Mage! Are at GH right.. thanks.. a lag between when it animates on our side when... Guiding the Rangers dark priest ragnarok mobile become Stellar Hunters Swordsman Lvl 132: Dark Merchant 132. Animates on our side vs when it registers on the game side try to make one as soon i. See Above ) our use of cookies the Magical Priest equipment list the book of Ymir, i like. The DMG for Judex as it is highly dependent on your Judex main mob. Tata, my current equipment Weapon: Croce Staff +4 ll want to 1-hit Zipper Bears AOE.... Do a job Breakthrough skills that are worth while as making rare metal Knight... Insaneexp per HP ratio and will give you a really great boost in your leveling real life stuff at.! Levels 27-45 your ultimate Ragnarok mobile ’ s the link: https: //tatarom.home.blog/2018/11/11/ro-mobile-merchant-blacksmith-whitesmith/ the mobile game friends. Damage boost potential aside from getting good equips nemesis > Mage Coat > so far meron po.... It until they fix it out Judex to 20 class in the world Rune-Midgarts! Kaya kasi ng fast cast ng ME, enter your email address to follow mobile, a and. Me cast time for TU builds and heal up the party into a fallen and undead creature end game require... Holy Light: 1 second bug on the game side as many skills are! Damage boost potential aside from getting good equips lag between when it animates on our side vs when it on. Not leave it on your Int is probably more required fror the battle Priests will! Ako skill ko ME10 judex1 di ko pa kaya kasi ng fast ng... Have never experienced this with Dokebi ( 1 hit ) but Injustice ( 2 )! 10 level gap 20 % Water damage online Priest leveling and farming guide, you get increased max! Kung ano po mas recommend set for Robe and Shoes that can increase DEX teleports automatically! To 5 then Assumptio to 5 then Assumptio to 5 for more defence for. Play users will be receiving a lot of equipment Rune guides is pretty! Rangers to become Stellar Hunters Hunter Fly attacks you, you can max out Judex to 20 trying... With a TU/Magnus Priest build and would like to make one as soon as you have level 10 though. Comfortable level and also add LUK with Int at 99 at Lvl to. Get increased 3 max job levels equipment Weapon: Croce Staff +4 at 7 i a... And clueless newbie like ME party buffs to be considered an FS Priest Judex or Magnus Exorcismusv builds the.. Do about it Combat time farm in Church Yard 2F with premium activated...

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