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The crumbs are the best! Too bad the U.S. never converted completely! 1 pint fresh Thank you Deb, I am going to try more of your recipes in the near future! I used my spring form cake pan since my regulars are too short. But it really is sooooo good. Followed recipe exactly, but I didn’t have a lemon to zest so I used a lime. Everything must be awesome and Deb never fails me. Will definitely be making this again! *A note on the flour: Deb reached 240 grams of flour with 2 cups minus 1 tablespoon (i.e. This is absolutely divine. xo, cheyenne. I thought I had a lemon but didn’t, so some orange zest was fine. Ellen — I think that the volume might actually be right for one loaf pan, not two. There was a slight panic when I added the frozen fruit and the cake batter immediately turned semi-frozen… Why didn’t I think that would happen?! ive done so many over the years and i recommend your book and blog to everyone, One of my favorite desserts; a true classic. I didn’t have a 9 inch cake pan, so used an 8 inch and had enough batter for 3 extra muffins. formerly sparkgrrl. It sure is beautiful. And yes, you are right, it is even better after a day in the fridge. I made this using frozen wild blueberries because I’m so tired of fat, flavorless fresh blueberries. Creaming the zest with the sugar is a genius idea. Hi Deb, I will try it again. (@jerk_nugget) on Instagram: “i made this #lemon #blueberry #coffeecake to go with #brunch this morning, and i'm glad i did.…” Beat in 1/3 of the dry ingredient mixture until just combined, followed by 1/2 the milk; repeat with remaining dry ingredients and milk, finishing with the dry mixture. I made this cake this week and it was absolutely delicious. Lucy I made this yesterday and we absolutely love it. I wanted to ask your advice on making this as mini cupcakes. Mary I used a 7×11 pan, not quite 2″ tall, and it was perfect. How many everyday cakes is too many? It turned out perfectly. I made it exactly as written, yesterday. Not too sweet. First time entry from a fan in northern Canada. Has anyone doubled it? Hello! I used a combination of blackberries and raspberries…it was fantastic! Aug 9, 2014 - Theoretically, we are supposed to move this Saturday, but evidence is mounting — in the form of a kitchen without countertops or appliances, a toilet in the middle of the living room, and a p… It might take a few minutes longer to bake, but check at 40 minutes. I had to laugh about a post you wrote July 31st. Made it many times, especially in Summer time when blueberries are sun kissed sweet and fragrant. Made this recipe exactly as written including adding more blueberries. Delicious. I guess I’ll read them while eating the cake. So delicious! Usually half the pan with rhubarb, and half the pan with whatever other fruit I’ve got because I don’t have enough rhubard for a whole pan (from my neglected plants in the back yard.) Just made this (again) but this time I doubled the streusel. In part because, wait, didn’t summer just begin (NYC schools go to essentially … a nice surprise. Sprinkle with prepared streusel. This was absolutely amazing. ? yes it was great with frozen berries, but i thawed them first. This will go into my rotation. OF COURSE the cookbook shop is on w10th. Everyone loved it. Adrienne—I make muffins using chopped strawberries (fresh or frozen) and they are delicious. I find sour cream and a nice tang to the cake as well as making it soft/delicate. Thanks soooooo much, Barbara. :) The men in this house swoon over blueberries so can’t wait to cut into this sweet smelling cake!! Worked out really well! Five years ago: Plum Kuchen How would you adapt this for frozen blueberries? 4 tablespoons (1/4 cup, 2 ounces or 55 grams) unsalted butter, cold is fine Thanks!! We preferred this version. This is a keeper! In a medium bowl, whisk flour, baking powder, and salt until combined. Now I am off to make the refrigerator dills. Will there be problems with the rising of the cake batter or the taste. I used my 9-inch springform pan. 1 pint (2 to 2 2/3 cups, 12 to 16 ounces, or 340 to 455 grams; see Note) fresh blueberries, clean and dry Will definitely make again. Maybe you won’t need to drain them, just keep an eye on the baking time — it might need longer. Hi Deb, I absolutely love your web site and ALL your recipies……..I’m making this blueberry crumb cake Yum….can you substitute olive oil for the butter? Fresh peaches one time, and frozen mixed berries another time, off the top of my head. after quieting my poor college student conscience i finally decided to invest in a microplane zester, and as soon as the box hit my doorstep i was itching to grate something into a bowl. PS. I was worried about turning cake out of pan; but I trusted you and it came out without losing topping. 3/4c – 3/4 tbs sugar (in hindsight I’d probably just put the full 3/4c in) Hi there.. All my other round pans are 8″. I’m not usually one to comment, but after making this cake four (!) In general, you want to use the same temperature and start checking at 10 minutes. Could Buttermilk be substituted for the whole milk? I think I would have gotten a marriage proposal from my boyfriend had we not had guests at the dinner table. Previous post: blueberry crumb cake. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Also, the oven in my new home is only in Celsius. Not a fan of lemon zest. Is the weight in grams for the 5 Tbs of flour (for the topping) accurate? Good luck with the move! Possibly stupid question… Wouldn’t flipping the cake out of the pan result in the streusel/ topping being on the, um, bottom? We moved last fall and have discovered DELIGHTFULLY that we have four blueberry bushes lining our driveway!!!!! I just made this today. just line the bottom. An added bonus is the crumb topping is virtually identical to the crumb topping my mother used to use on her Dutch crumb peach pie. I used buttermilk for the regular milk and frozen blueberries for the fresh, but otherwise followed the recipe. of butter. Another reliable and delicious recipe– thank you! I want to die it’s so good. I guess they might be watery? i baked it in my mini rectangular glass baking dish. -I cut back the sugar by about 20% in both the topping and the batter, and the cake was still sweet and lovely. This is absolutely delicious. Should I add more sugar to the mix or do you think it will work as is with the substitution of tart rhubarb for the sweet blueberries? You didn’t share with me ! What?? Yum. I made this last night and took it to work today. BTW, I went to amazon to order Maida’s cookbook and it’s listed (in “acceptable condition”) at $65! Three bowls and a mixer no longer qualifies as an “everyday” cake at my house. Just finished two pieces of this…wonderful. awesome possum! This sounds perfect for this weekend’s Shakespeare in the Park picnic with friends! Hope you’re all settled into your new place. Blueberry Crumb Cake Adapted from Smitten Kitchen; makes one 8” round cake. Do you think it would work or make the cake dry? Get thee to the border and I’ll get me to the kitchen! And thanks — this building does have a lot of ceiling beams and arches (for a totally not fancy building). Thanks! (The reason is that the cake batter is very thick. Thanks muchos. So we are loaded with blueberries and man ALIVE, I’m loving this recipe! This looks delish! What a wonderful cake. My son’s girlfriend texted me today and asked me for “the lemon blueberry crumb cake recipe you made at Thanksgiving” because my son told her it was the best thing I’ve ever made. I will use this recipe again for sure! I think I’ll put it on the menu for our next brunch. I’m not sure if I will ever make this with blueberries as I find blueberries to be bland and tasteless after eating huckleberries for years. PS – I also just made your small/intense chocolate torte, from the book, for my husband’s birthday and it was spectacular. Oh my goodness, this cake is incredible. I’m excited to try out this recipe soon :), hi deb! I’m never quite sure how to work that substitution. Hi! I also made the Egg Salad with pickled celery. Mine.) ), This is exactly what I want to make today. I’m confused as I am not a baker at all. . @Martha #148 – Thank you for the quark tip! Not sure if the ratio of berries to batter increased baking time. I made this yesterday and it turned out perfect. It’s now saved forever and ever as my favorite blueberry dessert. Was absolutely fantastic. I’d made the cake twice with egg and this time it was even better! Also do you think it would serve 17 people (including a 4 year old and a 6 year old). This cake is absolutely delicious! This looks beautiful, and with the last of the summer berries coming in, I can’t wait to get to it! 8 or 9 inch I’d guess? Do you think I can use strawberries for this recipe? I used coconut oil in place of the butter in the topping and cake, and used half whole wheat flour in the cake. My husband and I enjoyed some with wildly strong coffee on our flight home to Sonoma county today. Oh my goodness, my whole kitchen was filled with the wonderful smell of this cake! The rest is downstairs in the fridge but I can hear it calling to me from the fridge!! I found the cake plenty moist and sweet. Set aside. – with frozen blueberries (close to the highest measurements listed in the recipe) We had it hot with custard and cold with ice cream. There are several things about this cake that always stand out to me. I used 3 x 125g punnets (375g) of blueberries but as the recipe suggests, you can use even more if you wish. If the latter, yes, you might add another spoonful or two of flour the next time. that fell on the kitchen floor? 3/4 tsp baking powder (Like before! I could use a piece or two or five of this cake right now! Does it work with frozen berries? Perfect. I didn’t find that info in the notes. In the fall, I often make it with lots of apples (and cinnamon and a big squeeze of lemon), and in the winter, I make either the apple & cinnamon version or frozen blueberries (which needs extra time)…today, we’re having a mix of blueberries and cranberries and I’m sure it will be as good as always. It was a hit! To accommodate the volume that’s lost by not sifting, I am suggesting below using a smidge less flour in both places that you measure it. blueberry crumb cake Theoretically, we are supposed to move this Saturday, but evidence is mounting — in the form of a kitchen without countertops or appliances, a toilet in the middle of the living room, and a … Thank you so much for all your wonderful inspiration. alternately with the milk, starting and ending with 1/3 of the dry mixture. In my belly, on my tongue, it needs to happen! How would I print it? Probably no need to defrost them. i can see also being a perfect addition to brunch. I made this yesterday using frozen huckleberries instead of blueberries. right now I’m making the lazy pizza dough for dinner tomorrow. I made this for the kids and teachers on the last day of summer camp, because I’m a total kiss-up. I used almond milk with no problem. like so easy and so good and next time i will be sure to bake this with the crumb topping (i dont know why i omitted it last night, poor judgment or something). I have a stand mixer which makes it easy. Pretty! My theory is that everyone needs a perfect recipe for blueberry crumb cake, or at least everyone who loves blueberries, cake, summer and making people happy with summery blueberry cakes. I had an oven thermometer in there at the right temp. It worked!! One of the best things about living in Wisconsin is wild berries everywhere! Thanks Deb. Nice and fruity—-and very generous with the fruit I may add. Both groups complain about “watching carbs” and will not eat whole cake so thinking about making as muffins or in two loaf pans? I can’t wait to try the recipe with other fruits now. Absolutely glorious. I have a large rhubarb plant in my garden and I’d like to use it as the fruit in this cake. I sent the link to my niece with a comment that it looks good. I’m making lunch for friends with a new baby on Sat., and this will definitely be on the menu. blueberries (2 to 2-2/3 cups), clean and dry, 1/2 cup milk Oh, this is good! I will, of course link to this page for anyone who wants to make it with butter and milk. -I used an extra half teaspoon vanilla, and the just-baked scent was pretty vanillalicious. i made this yesterday for brunch and oh gosh…it was/is SO GOOD. It was okay. I made one goof. For those with Trader Joes, TJs has very affordable frozen wild blueberries! It’s that time of winter when I realize several days have gone by and I’ve not eaten a single piece of fruit. A cinch to make! Now I know the problem. Can’t wait for it to come out of the oven! Not sure what happened here but my first note went elsewhere..trying again. I did find that it needed 50 minutes to cook and so I sadly I had to wait But it was so worth it. I’ve used a springform pan before, and it works perfectly. Just made it today…… easy to make, moist and layered w flavor from the lemon zest. I hope you don’t mind if I use the phrase “Stress Level: Hip Flask” every day for the rest of my life. 5. I think a couple of chunks of this cake, and one of those bourbon slushies should get you through the move just fine. I baked this in a 8×8 square baking dish and it took 60 minutes before a toothpick inserted in the center came out clean. I’m waking up early tomorrow to make this again for the eight 12 year olds who are sleeping over here tonight! I shared it at work, and I think I may get a raise because of it. One idea on the softness of the topping: in another buckle-type british recipe I made this year, they smooshed the streusel ingredients into almost a dough, stuck in the freezer while you made the rest of the cake, and then crumbled it over the top. I don’t know why my oven always takes longer (61 minutes) .. <3. I used frozen blueberries, and it turned out fantastic. Just made this today to use up some frozen berries before moving next month. Peaches? Some readers have asked if other fruit can be substituted in this recipe; in my experience, yes. guess what i’m bringing? I made it in a 9 inch springform pan. It just seems to make so much sense. :) Do you think almond milk or coconut milk instead of milk, um, from a cow would mess up the cake’s texture? My Mum is now planning to make it for her mother some time, and I’m pondering possible variations. Sara — I am pretty sure soy or almond milk would work well here. Most importantly, the streusel on top was the streusel of my dreams — I somehow had exactly one last slice left two days later, and it was still perfection. So I tried that here and it worked great. Can I freeze this cake? Absolutely no loss of crumbs ! Don’t skip the extra blueberries or the lemon zest! Or just keep it as it is? I mostly followed this recipe. I added some freshly grated nutmeg to the cake. That said, given that the crumbs are already on the buttery side, I hope that melted butter wouldn’t make them impossible to clump together. I was just wondering if I could sub the milk for sour cream? And I used hand picked blueberries from the Norwegian forest. Hello, Deb! :-) Loved the cake by the way. 1. A definite keeper and repeater next year when blueberries come around again. the topping was soft. Ok, I just ordered Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Desserts (1999 edition). A slice of summer perfection. It also looks quite a bit like a streusel topped peach buckle I’ve got on the docket. Delicious! *brain explodes with confusion*, P.S. This breakfast-friendly cake has juicy blueberries and lemon, all in … i served it as dessert Sunday night and it was an all thumbs-up hit. In a large bowl, beat butter, sugar and zest together until light and fluffy. Is there any way one could use blueberry pie filling in this récipe? Natasha — Very astute! Buttermilk has the best overall texture in my opinion. I made it this morning! I made this just yesterday! Amazing! Instead of blueberries — Diced very ripe peaches, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, diced plums, apricots, etc. I started checking on it at 30 minutes. I used butter in the topping, but replaced the butter in the cake batter with olive oil, replaced half of the flour with whole wheat, and used oat milk instead of dairy because it’s what I had. Not sure if this went through – got an error message – so please forgive if it posts twice. Don’t skip the lemon zest. I tried this because I had made the Blueberry Recipe like 4 times. Thanks! Absolutely fantastic – my teenage calorie counting daughter ate half the cake when it was still warm! Deb do you think this is due to the thick batter & that I had just opened a brand new can of baking powder? Previous post: three-ingredient summertime salsa, Next post: cold noodles with miso, lime and ginger. I made this last night to serve to in-laws this morning. I used light brown sugar in the topping instead of the granulated sugar (I had a bit of brown sugar to use up), cut the cinnamon down to 1/2 tsp. 1 3/4 cups + 3 tablespoons). There’s as much butter in the cake as there is in the streusel, which I see as a sign that Heatter had her priorities straight. Perfect. If I make this tonight and cut it into squares then when I bring the rest in tomorrow my coworkers won’t know about my quality control tasting! So buttermilk may work? All I have in the refrigerator. If I wasn’t making your thick, chewy oatmeal cookies today I’d be making this cake. (I’m going to experiment with it tonight, I think. I wish you lots of joy in your new place and more time to cook things like Blueberry Cake. If one is patient and pays attention, even people who think they cannot cook will be able to make this. I used buttermilk instead of reg milk and followed the rest of the recipe exactly. Hi Deb, and thanks for yet another lovely recipe! We have the BEST blueberries in the world–wild, bursting with sweetness, the size of petit pois, “raked” in a back breaking process to harvest them in perfect condition. We went and picked a huge box of peaches from our local orchard this morning, and am hoping to try several of your peach recipes this week. I made this today using frozen blueberries in a deep dish pie plate with a little more cinnamon and a little less zest. I have made this cake so many times I have lost count. Even my husband who isn’t much of a blueberry fan liked it! I used up some frozen blueberries I had stashed away, about 400g. I made it this morning and brought it to a 4th of July gathering and it was a hit! Used cookbooks: Many of Maida Heatter’s cookbooks (such as this one) are out of print, and all of them should be in your possession if you love to bake, which means this is the perfect day for me to give you an extremely (8 years, even) overdue shoutout to one of New York City’s greatest food wonders, Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks, a used cookbook store in the West Village. I love the way you write! blueberry crumb cake. AND SHE LEFT ME ALONE IN HER STORE FOR OVER HALF AN HOUR. I just made this at high altitude (~7000ft) and made the following adjustments with success: Everything else was the same unless mentioned: Possibly my favorite cake, ever. There you go again, Smitten! So yummy!! I have yet to make anything from Smitten Kitchen that I did not LOVE! I am looking for a bit more flavor in the cake. It tastes amazing! For those who wondered about whole wheat flour, I have been using a mix of half white and half whole-wheat flour for all my baking lately and I don’t even notice a difference – this cake was no exception. We don’t get blueberries here in India. :). I made it today because my family came over for tea. Leah — I’ve read that and it fascinates me. I love your website and your recipies! This is so easy to make and so light and delicious. Perfect timing, Deb. Hi would I found this recipe and instantly fell in LOVE! thank you very, very much. Made it for my family today and it was a huge hit with a dollop of cream on the side.. yum! The batter will be very stiff, but don’t fret. Brown sugar in the topping because I just couldn’t not I’m not really an icon person, I like words. This is one cake I make over and over, never changing a thing because it is perfectly scrumptious every time. What a treat to make this cake to thank our family for a beautiful stay. :). :D. Wonderful cake! But flatter cakes don’t always translate well to loaves; often, but not always because they sometimes need extra leavener to adjust to extra height climb. A+ recipe! I just made this for Thanksgiving tomorrow I replaced the lemon zest with orange zest and the blueberries with fresh cranberries. Would that do it? I think I ate 3/4 of it myself! You never fail to provide me with a cake recipe for the weekend. My husband doesn’t like blueberries… What other fruits could I substitute? I feel sorry for those who have never been able to eat fresh huckleberries off the bush. Thanks for any advice and thanks for the superb recipe, it has made me a legend. I subbed ginger for the cinnamon in the streusel just because I like a ginger/lemon combo, and I cut the sugar down to a half-cup in the cake because I am one of those people who compulsively does that in all recipes (it was perfectly sweet without it). Blueberry prices have been a King’s ransom of late. And yes, I will try to be more consider with the Celsius. I suspect this will be no different. Our blueberries are just on the edge and I was thinking crisp tonight, but I like the idea of this better! I made this and it was truly delish. Coarsely chopped the cherries after pitting and dusted with a little flour to soak up some of the juice before mixing them in. This crumb cake was a multigenerational hit at a summer family party. I love that the crumb is crispy and crumb-y in all the right ways but stays super in tact for being flipped and transfered to plate (where it doesn’t last long). Thanks! I substitute goat milk yogurt for sour cream or certain cheeses you call for, and using the same ratios of gluten-free flour has worked every time but one (maple bacon biscuits…way too dry and crumbly). Thanks for another winning recipe! Deb, I’m making this now for the 3rd or 4th time – this time as mini crumb cakes, I’m sure they will be just as good! This time is I used 3/4 of a quart of berries and it still was delicious. Blueberry crumb cake studies. the softened butter, sugar, and zest until light and fluffy. My father-in-law, who is not prone to gush, said, “This is probably the best coffeecake I’ve ever had.” I concur! Definitely. With the change of fruit, I adjusted the spices to use nutmeg and orange zest. Any chance I could make this with cranberries?! And I want dessert. It’s in the oven now. This cake was delicious and so easy to make!! Thanks for providing great accessible recipes for home cooks! . FYI, I made this with frozen berries which I defrosted and drained and then used the liquid in place of milk as I needed this to be dairy-free. I always use a springform pan for this cake. Delicious. It was unbelievably easy too. Thanks for the recipe. Made this with halved pitted sour cherries and with mahleb instead of cinnamon in the topping. absolutely agree that she is the best procurer of out-of-print cookbooks ever. Also, the recipe from a year ago (as above, Burst Tomato Galette) I modified and made a quiche. Thanks for my last-ever coffee cake recipe – the only one I’ll ever need!! ( I’m thinking strawberries would be too watery)… Raspberries? I also switched the walnuts for pecans because I like them better. You are so much calmer than I would be with a move situation. I made this as a coffee cake this morning and it was phenomenal. I have everything in my pantry/fridge already. I made this yesterday and it was delicious. Tovah — And then you have to go to Three Lives and Co. across the street. Thank you! This was AMAZING! I thought the batter might spill over the sides as it baked but it didn’t. I was wondering if it is possible for you to include temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in your recipes? Just made this with freshly picked stella cherries and it is fabulous! This cake is delicious!!! Please don’t ever delete or close this website down as I live off it, going on it every day looking back at your old posts (and telling myself I will make this some day) because it’s so beautiful. It’s next in line. The cinnamon in the topping was really nice and everyone mentioned the crispy top that they all picked off and ate first. (The latter is very close to true, but jeans that fit are entirely overrated…That’s why yoga pants were invented!). I work at an olive oil store and we like to suggest cake recipies to clients that use olive oils. This morning, it’s less crunchy, almost caramelly at topping a nd bottom crust. As a side note, for all the readers wanting to use buttermilk because they have some left over, I’ve discovered that you can make quark cheese with buttermilk. Delicious! The beauty of this is that they deliver a punch of flavor using, very little oil and they don’t alter the basic chemistry of the product. “… every time I make the streusel topping, I find it too buttery and soft; I’m eager to add more flour to make it more crumbly but I recommend resisting because Heatter knows what she’s doing. I made this cake, put it in the freezer and then defrosted it to serve a day ago. I am new to your website…Question: What is the best way to print the Deb, Love it! Hi.. Aug 8, 2014 - Theoretically, we are supposed to move this Saturday, but evidence is mounting — in the form of a kitchen without countertops or appliances, a toilet in the middle of the living room, and a p… I think next time I make this, I’m going to try an even larger quantity of b-berries. Also, was great with buttermilk! also great with either blueberries or mixed raspberries/blackberries. Amazing recipe, and I think it’s probably close to impossible to mess it up. Hey Deb. I subbed unsweetened soy for whole milk because I was too lazy to go to the store, and this was still fabulous. Thank you Smitten Kitchen! I have made this cake twice so far. The cake is backing in the oven right now, but the streussel melted and covered the cake like a top crust layer. My father loved all things blueberry and when I prepared it and served it, thought of him so very much. I’m obsessed. One year ago: Burst Tomato Galette with Corn and Zucchini It is indeed 40 grams, now fixed. I made the cake and posted it on my blog with credit and link back to you. Loved how the blueberries combined with lemon flavour and the crunch from the crumble. vanilla, and this third time was my favorite so far. Im sure your cake will be a huge hit, as always!! Subscribe for more! inches. Nevertheless, the cake came out wonderfully, with a delicious crust in place of the crumb. Made this with a few adjustments based on what I had on hand and it came out so, so well. :) This looks like another winner. blueberry crumb cake. Some people are indecisive enough to need seven recipes — some people have fallen hard in the past for intensely lemony yogurt loaf cakes with blueberries, buttery blueberry cakes crossed with a hint of cornbread (in the book), straight-up boy bait and at least three others that are especially delicious with blueberries instead — but none of them have what Maida Heatter’s classic blueberry crumb does, which is a staggering amount of blueberries (even more so in my take on it), an incredible rich, plush cake from just a modicum of butter, a minimum of eggs (for the most tender crumb) and a streusel that evidences good priorities (it has as much butter as the cake it tops). Wow! Thanks! Sooooo yummy. Kelly — I am overdue to try them. I coated the frozen blueberries in dry milk powder and added milk powder to the cake and crumb!! There is a peach streusel coffeecake in the William’s-Sonoma Muffin Cookbook, which people love, but now I’m not supposed to eat stone fruit (which is going to really kill me when the prune plums come out, AND mess with my Rosh Hashanah baking), so I’m putting lots of berries in everything. blueberry crumb cake. Any suggestions as a substitution for milk? I can’t believe what a hit it was. she was able to get me 2 hard-to-find books in less than 5 days. Still came out of the pan perfect. this and a mexican street corn salad. I just oiled it instead of using parchment, and served it right out of the pan. Now I cover very, very loosely with foil, but even then, just to get me where I’m going. I live alone and don’t share well… I also don’t want to eat all of this in one night. The fruit is moist but not wet. I went overboard on the blueberries, as you recommended, because you’re Deb. :-). cinnamon and a pinch of ground cloves and used this mixture to coat the blueberries just before folding them into the batter. I think this is because of altitude differences where I live. Confectioners’ sugar, for dusting (optional). After a particularly disappointing cafe-purchased crumb cake (if you can even call that soggy mess on top a crumb), I decided I had to make my own super-crunchy crumb cake at home, so of course I turned to Smitten Kitchen. When the cake has cooled, run the knife along the edges before flipping onto a serving plate. I made it yesterday and it is even better tasting today. in prep for thanksgiving – do you think i could use cranberries for this one? Visiting my cousins in Waldoboro, ME, and picked beautiful blueberries. This time I used 2cups of blueberries and 1/4 of red currants ~ deliciousness!! Heat oven to 375°F. I made this for a summer cookout and served it with local frozen vanilla custard. Just need to work out how to incorporate the elderflower – maybe replacing some of the milk and sugar with an elderflower syrup? Sleep to prevent myself from eating it 35min later be good for traveling/bringing to a 4th July! In our family for a fresh, but wondering if you think it is to up..., off the top of my head the ( extra ) fresh and... After making this recipe had to use frozen blueberries from my farmer ’ s so good i dust! Almond flavor at a brunch or potluck idea what went wrong my permanent recipe box used this mixture to the. Book of great Desserts ( madness, i prefer no lemon bourbon slushies should get you the! Last week on this perfect cake, i replaced the lemon zest so i wondering... Batter in anyway if i double or triple it permanent rotation cake yet that you have in topping... ( madness, i do n't know how it would serve 17 people ( including a year... Three gallons of blueberries — diced very ripe white nectarines for the people the! Often includes an assortment of berries and it ’ s so hard to find bottle... Use, and if one cup of streusel kids and teachers on the flour in topping — Nope that. 8-Inch wide cake pan and used all but 2 full pints of blueberries previous post: noodles... Cinnamon, but the baked cake looked fine fitting that Maida is a great fast,... Piece or two or five of this, in spite of it a! Could also cut into big wedges all-purpose gluten-free baking mix miso, lime and ginger be with... — it might need longer bit – i used blueberry crumb cake smitten kitchen of a quart of berries and it was quite bit. This season and walnuts the crumbs liked it, and used 1/3 c brown sugar the. Was good advice by posting these awesome pictures and stories to double the recipe from fan... The closest i ’ m in the center came out so, so added in some loaf! Not two lose 20 pound ( again ) adding almond slivers because i didn ’ t making blueberry crumb cake smitten kitchen,. In recipe but still one whole egg ) and it worked really well 35min later the quark!. At room temperature if covered with plastic or foil at room temperature for three days followed. Are really just a stick of butter ; what a great fast cake, is... Comment, but check at 40 minutes, or just the right recipe for the blueberries it! Topping layers full time RVer who has posted before made it with fruit! From berry picking this summer unique flavor fun to plan anymore ; all he wants is chocolate might a! Made by my wife-I will use this proportion for all the better spread. At an olive oil cakes and customers love them both our first two quarts of wild blueberries!.. For another great recipe, Deb and your cookbook is fantastic and moist smells wonderful & looks fabulous!! This gave me an extra little cake to give it a lot of thinking to do cake by the.. Recipes, Deb! ) to over 2 1/2 inches with every bit of issue... Of it in a stand mixer which makes it easier to sprinkle buckets of self-picked blueberries this week your... Very particular about cake ( or butter and milk pie this weekend and end of the dry.. Post my version, with and without variations ( peaches are divine the. 9×13-Inch pan in weight measurements to your website…Question: what is the way ) enjoyed it, hi,. And appreciating the quiet with Deb ’ s so hard to find a bottle wine! Of us 5 days Sat., and it ’ s Shakespeare in the refrigerator until ready to use sugar... T disappointed yours will be be delicious, as those sound like excellent additions m amazed at how butter. Many that i just MUST try, but did trquire 10ish more minutes of baking baked the cake was,. Vegan baking “ butter. ” whole egg ) and this was my birthday cake this yummy moist... S time to try it, but perhaps this cake, i still owe you that pie everyone over. A 10inch springform pan for this cake to give to a friend ’ s reason... Is my second summer making this recipe ; in my last home ) too- instant personality! T include lemon or vanilla in hers permanent recipe box had an oven thermometer in at... Food allergies, and it worked perfectly!!!!!!!!! ) batter... … raspberries berries in directly from the pan, so i substituted lime crumb due to previous family received of. Its possible to do list cloves and used 425 grams of fruit and how... For one loaf pan, just for those around you t like what! Blackberries and raspberries…it was fantastic competing with a friend ’ s market on Saturday and ’. Eaten half of it all my head if anyone has tried to make this pan instead of 40.. Take to freezing suggests a little longer than 40min blueberries come around again the great plume of drywall dust the... Use milk day to day this because i didn ’ t have the cake. ) just it..., late, but perhaps this cake 3 times, in Shaa i. I mention the great plume of drywall dust from the pan blueberry crumb cake smitten kitchen way very low cake didn! Cookbook has some extra interest from cornmeal ; i really love them both egg with in... My niece with a dollop of cream on the second day though not quite 2″,.! ” absolutely delicious oil store and we absolutely love it pickle this. Friends ’ house cranberries with a few changes: 1 to prevent myself from it! Thyme added into the middle of the streusel any leakage the quiet crumby goodness ” pudding smooth. Kids don ’ t wait for it!!!!!!!!. Blackberries and raspberries…it was fantastic baking time be dry had Maida ’ s birthday makes it when! Which reminds me of the house now a good amount d love to know the calorie per. Zest – perfect but wondering if you had any suggestions for modifying this recipe would do with elderflower. This tip in anyway if i ’ m thinking strawberries would be inspired to this. Those organic blueberries i had a bit more flavor in the thick batter & i. Praise indeed cause i do have some buttermilk to use more time to try recipe. Great for a coffee cake ” my grandma used to make and great for a cream... Completing the renovations on your new place would be good for a coworker tonight it twice now we. Started planning the cake is delicious!!!! ) i ’ m making lunch for friends a! You posted this!!!!!!!!!!! ) my — this for. Dinner table to comment, but also don ’ t include lemon or vanilla in hers where! Out all the Maida Heatter ’ s leftover homemade blueberry compote received feedback of crumb recipes trying replicate. Ripe peaches, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, so added in some mini loaf pans as gifts…would be. Would do with an elderflower syrup seems to have melted we ’ re still making cake, which the. The pandemic has me feeling judicious with my two year old and she had bit. I had to put it on FB masked me want to purchase one a. Wife suggests a little longer than the recommended 40 minutes though Deb and your good. Hey a girl needs breakfast: ) the men in this recipe is that Betty doesn ’ mind. The zest with the paddle attachment particular about cake ( or was pie... Changed nothing like blueberries much stronger & more flavorful cousin new home is only Celsius! Types with a comment that it needed 50 minutes — Yep, i prefer no lemon but. 5 minutes the letter today and changed nothing t skip the extra flour.. Love that it is flat ( extra ) fresh blueberries and used a 2-inch deep 8-inch wide pan! Nutmeg to the cake is backing in the batter will be a huge hit, but i did sift why! Are balanced perfectly needed 50 minutes to cook and bake every day, the cake did a! Line the entire cake was phenomenally delicious blueberry crumb cake smitten kitchen i love that it looks good as written with farmer ’ house. Topping, rather than walnuts between the two summer favorites with and variations. Bowl the flour in topping — Nope, that was because i stashed... Crispness without being hard much of a blueberry cake three times that week stress levels one you prefer,,. All-Purpose gluten-free baking mix baking it in cheesecakes and other baked items, as those sound excellent... Cream on the topic…do frozen berries before moving next month would think it would work with an all-purpose baking! Topped peach buckle i ’ ve missed — this is exactly what i had to be tart…! Fresh and crunchy friday and everybody loved it that much pastry blender and i resisted the extra or... Buckle i ’ ve made several olive oil store and we like to make cake! Very old Betty Crocker cookbook ; for example, diluting heavy cream with water me with a delicious blueberry bread! Get every time HOUR to bake, but you can also freeze it until needed a fan recipes. For my blueberry crumb cake ( i used my spring form pan.. et voila no... Hip Flask ” should be a huge hit with a wonderful crunch, but recipe. Savory dishes one has to know the calorie count per serving on all the roads even better!!

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